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Can Tho University (CTU), an important state higher education institution in the MD, is the cultural, scientific and technical center of the MD and Vietnam. Since its founding in 1966, CTU has been improving and developing itself. It has an enrollment of about 54.000 undergraduate students; 3.000 students have been following Master programs; and around 300 students are Ph.D candidates.

Currently, it has nearly 100 undergraduates, 36 Master and 15 Doctoral training programs. Every year CTU receives students on internship programs from the U.S, Belgium, Japan and so on, or under agreements between their universities and CTU.

Why Can Tho University?

Why CTU?

Studying mbbs at CTU is a great way to enhance your career. In today’s competitive environment, professionals need the skills to adapt to an ever-changing business world.

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Life at Vietnam

Life at Vietnam

Throughout the country, the lifestyle of Vietnamese is under a significant influence of age-old Confucian virtues of benevolence which respect social order, trustworthiness, determination, and the duty to help the less fortunate.

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Signing MoUs with international partners

Aieraa is the only Asian Partner Signed with Can Tho University,Vietnam


Admission Process and Services

Studying MBBS at CTU is a great way to enhance your career. In today’s competitive environment, professionals need the skills to adapt to an ever-changing business world.

Step 1

Check Your Eligibility

Make sure the NEET Entrance Exam was successful

Step 2

Submit Application Form

Be sure to submit your application form, academic transcripts. proof of your English proficiency, a passport, and your NEET Scorecard.

Step 3

Offer Letter

You will receive an offer letter in a matter of days if you have all the necessary paperwork and it meets the requirements.

Step 4

Accept the offer

By making a predetermined acceptance deposit, you can accept a confidential or firm offer

Step 5

Documents Submission

You must supply the required paperwork if your offer is confidential. For Instance: 10th and 12th Grade transcripts, NEET Score card, passport, etc.

Step 6

Invitation Letter

Make the payment and accept the invitation letter.

Step 7

Apply for Visa

Step 8

All Set To Go

Study MBBS at Can Tho University

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Accommodation and Food

Hostel For Men

At Aieraa Overseas, we proudly offer our exclusive Men’s Hostel, designed with the modern student in mind. Providing a comfortable and conducive learning environment, our men’s accommodations come equipped with all essential amenities. Here, residents can focus on their studies, while also enjoying a sense of camaraderie and community.

Hostel For Women

Our Women’s Hostel at Aieraa Overseas is a sanctuary of comfort, safety, and empowerment. Specifically tailored for female students, this residence offers a harmonious blend of privacy and communal spaces. With top-notch facilities and a supportive atmosphere, our female residents find the perfect backdrop for both academic excellence and personal growth.

Fee Structure

University & Registration Fee
1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year
6th Year
Grand Tool

Second Year Onwards Scholarship Schemes Are Available  Based on First Year Performance 

Student Visa, Flight Ticket & Health Insurance
900 USD
75,226 INR
Ministry Authentication, Advance Training Program, Processing Fee
1900 USD
1,58,811 INR
Documentation Fee
600 USD
60,151 INR

Life at Vietnam

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Vietnam


A Country Within Your Reach

A 4-hour flight travel is all it takes to reach the country from India.


Quality Meets Affordability

World-class medical education at an affordable cost.


International Exposure

Studying in Vietnam exposes you to students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.

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Life in Can Tho City

Can Tho University is Located in Can Tho City.

Life in Can Tho City, nestled in the heart of the Mekong Delta, is a charming balance of rural tranquility and urban vibrancy. As the region’s largest city, Can Tho offers a more relaxed pace, with floating markets and riverside living defining its unique character. The city’s cultural richness is reflected in its pagodas and historical sites, providing a serene backdrop to daily life. With a close-knit community and a connection to the lush Mekong Delta landscape, Can Tho exudes a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aieraa is a comprehensive resource that offers guidance and support at every stage of your medical career, including admission, visa, and travel assistance, as well as ongoing support throughout the completion of your course.

Aieraa can guide in selecting a suitable medical college by considering multiple factors, including academic reputation, accreditation, infrastructure, faculty qualifications, clinical exposure, and feedback from students.

Before selecting a university, it's essential to consider factors like the university's recognition, curriculum, clinical training opportunities, student support services, and overall reputation. Aieraa can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you make an informed decision.

Aieraa can help you with language proficiencies. The most frequently used language is English, which is required for patient communication.

MBBS course primarily prefers English, and Aieraa ensures that students can comfortably understand and communicate with faculty and peers.

Numerous universities have a diverse pool of faculty members, which may include Indian educators, who contribute their skills and expertise to enrich the educational environment. Aieraa can furnish detailed insights into faculty composition at these universities.

The price of air travel can be influenced by several factors, including the chosen destination, travel dates, and airline selection. Aieraa is a useful tool for discovering affordable flight options and obtaining advice on booking procedures.

The expenses associated with pursuing an MBBS degree may differ based on the location, as the cost of living can vary by country and city. Aieraa can offer guidance on estimating and managing the costs of essential expenses like housing, food, transportation, and other necessities.

Many universities understand international students' dietary preferences and offer various food options, including Indian cuisine. Additionally, Aieraa can guide in accessing Indian food options near the chosen university.

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