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Change of syllabus for Indian students?

HIU acknowledges your demands and attempts at your suggestions regarding four subjects: Community Medicine, Ear-Nose-Throat, Pathology, Psychiatry, and Orthopedics.

When will the students get the acceptance letter?

The student acceptance letters will be released within 24 hours from the submission of the application.

Student Visa procedure

Once HIU gets the complete students’ profile from Aieraa, they will complete the verification projects and send the letter of acceptance to students. Students can use this letter to apply for VISA.

Nursing and Dentist Course Details and Job Opportunities.

The course duration for Bachelor of Nursing is four years, and the Doctor of Dentistry is six years. These courses offer an ample amount of job opportunities. The demand for nursing is increasing every year in first-world countries like Japan, Germany, and the USA.

What if the students want to practice medicine or work in Vietnam after completing the course? What are the possibilities and procedures?

Students who wish to practice medicine in Vietnam can do so. However, international students mostly prefer practising in international hospitals where English is the commonly used mode of communication.

Is the hospital located inside the campus for the internship?

Yes, the hospital is located inside the university campus. In addition to it, five more hospitals are located near the campus for internships.

How many years of clinical training is there?

The clinical training for students starts from the second year onwards.

Is NEET mandatory to join MBBS in Vietnam?

NEET is mandatory to join HIU. However, if you plan to return to India for practice, you must clear the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) conducted by the National Medical Commission. The university gives training for FMGE and other screening exams like USMLE (in the USA) and PLAB (in the UK) from the second year onwards.

Are hostel and mess facilities compulsory?

No, it’s up to the students to avail these facilities. If they prefer to stay outside, they are free to do so.

Does the university provide separate hostel facilities for Men and Women students?

Yes. The university offers a separate hostel facility for Men and Women, respectively.

Are cadaver and simulation labs available?

Yes. Both the labs are available within the university premises.

Hows does the academic programme work there? Is there a credit-based syllabus available?

Yes, credits are used to calculate the academic load of students. One credit is equivalent to 15 periods of theory, 30 periods of practice, 45 periods of seminars, field visits, or internship, 90 hours of graduation thesis. For every theory or practice credit, students shall spend at least 30 periods for self-study. A period lasts 50 minutes.

(As per decision 43/2007/QD-BGDĐT August 15, 2007)

The minimum amount of knowledge required: 207 accumulated credits (124 Theory, 83 Practice) Training time: 06 years (12 semesters)

Can we work part-time in Vietnam with a student visa?

Yes, you can work part-time up to 20 hours a week. Your college ID will be considered as your local ID for this purpose.

Is the university approved by government authorities?

Yes, The university is accredited by the Ministry of Health and Education, Vietnam and enlisted in WHO (World Health Organisation) and the National Medical Commission.

Are there placement opportunities?

Yes, Once you finish your degree, you have to do the PG programme of 18 months as an intern in a Vietnam hospital. After completing the internship, you become entitled to get a two-year work permit and a medical license.

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