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Why Vietnam for MBBS?

Quick Facts

World Peace Ranking
Vietnam is the 50th most peaceful country globally & 9th in Asia.
Close Proximity
Only a 3.5-hour journey from India.
Familiar Climate
Vietnam's subtropical climate closely resembles India's.
Global Standing
Vietnam boasts the 45th highest GDP worldwide.
Esteemed Education
Top Government Medical Universities with high standards of training.

Why Choose MBBS in Vietnam?


Course fees are significantly lower than Indian private colleges.

Global Recognition

Universities approved by WHO/NMC

Easy Admission Process

NEET, TOEFL, and IELTS not required.

Clinical Excellence

Partnerships with 60+ multi-speciality hospitals for hands-on training.

Job Opportunities

High demand for MBBS graduates in Vietnam.

Work & Study

Part-time jobs permitted for up to 20 hours a week.

Stay Comfortably

Separate hostels for men and women, serving Indian food.

Financial Aid

Education loan facilities available from Indian banks.

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