DocTutorials is an online training hub for Medical Entrance Exams like NEET PG, INI CET, NEET SS, INI SS & FMGE.

DocTutorials has exclusively partnered with top-tier medical experts, specialists, and super specialists across various medical fields. These professionals collaborate to provide standardized clinical education through a comprehensive range of resources, including meticulously crafted audio-visual content, carefully prepared notes, selectively curated multiple-choice questions (MCQs), a rigorously reviewed Question Bank, and regularly updated Test Series.

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AccessMedicine®️ by McGraw Hill - Free Access From Your First Year of MBBS

AccessMedicine®️ by McGraw Hill is a leading online medical resource, recognized for its comprehensive, authoritative content and continuous updates. It caters to medical students, faculty, and clinicians, offering unlimited access on any device. The platform supports a range of teaching approaches and subjects, from the beginning of medical school through clinical practice.

For first-year MBBS students, AccessMedicine offers free access to establish a robust foundation in medical education. It adapts to various learning styles, whether traditional, integrated, case-based, or problem-based, ensuring valuable support throughout the medical education journey.

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