Aieraa Overseas Studies is committed to providing clear guidelines on our refund policy. This policy outlines the circumstances under which refunds are granted, emphasizing our commitment to transparency and fairness for all students considering withdrawal from a program.

Application Fee:

Refund Eligibility:

  1. Program Cancellation or Rejection:
    • Full refunds are available if the program is cancelled or if the university rejects the application.
  2. Visa Rejection:
    • If a visa application is rejected, students may request a refund of the Ministry fee and consultation fee.
    • No refund is provided for visa rejections due to:
      • Failure to meet Consulate requirements.
      • Failure to pass the visa interview.
      • Submission of fraudulent documents.
      • Late document submission.
  3. Withdrawal Deadlines:
    • Requests for refunds will not be entertained if a student withdraws after the specified deadline.
    • No reimbursement will be issued for fees paid to other institutions.

Refund Process:

Exceptions and Limitations: