5 Reasons To Study MBBS In Vietnam

5 Reasons to study mbbs in vietnam

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Most of the Indian Medical aspirants dream of joining the best medical colleges in India. Unfortunately, for most of them, it continues to remain a far-sighted journey because of the cut-throat competition and finances involved to take their medical career ahead in India. But now, no longer students should be worried or sacrifice their medical careers because of these menial obstacles that can help them excel and prosper in their dream career.

If not India, is there any possibility to study MBBS Abroad that gives you the same world-class medical education without spending huge finances from your pocket. Well, if you don’t want to waste your gap years in cracking the entrance exam again, then you should consider Vietnam for your medical education abroad.

Forbes has ranked Vietnam as one of the reasonably economical and affordable study destinations for students when compared to the other popular countries in Asia. Even during the COVID times, Vietnam has been successful in managing the outbreak without any major worries, this proves its healthcare infrastructure that is committed, prepared, and futuristic in its approach. Vietnam is surrounded by exquisite beauty, tranquility and most importantly it gives you the peace of mind to study and excel in your career.

With all these highlights of Vietnam, let us know the 5 reasons why Vietnam is considered the best option to study MBBS.

1.Cost of Living is inexpensive

For the majority of Indians, the cost of living is affordable and within their budget. Even there are on-campus and off-campus hostel facilities that offer a decent living space with provision to Gyms, library, and other extra-curricular activities at HongBang International University(HIU), all taken care of within your financial range. Vietnam gives access to world-class amenities at an affordable price, which is one of the plus points for the majority of Indians who are hesitant to study abroad because of financial constraints.

2.World Peace Rank of 50

Vietnam has been assigned a rank of 50 for maintaining world peace among  163 nations considered worldwide. As a result, there is strong political and economical stability in Vietnam, hence Indian parents need not constantly worry about the security of their children. Vietnam also happens to be the 9th safest country in Asia, this must justify anyone concerned about the safety and security quotient.

3.Standard of Living is High

Vietnam’s GDP is on par with a developed country like Singapore. Vietnam houses one of the best multi-specialty world-class health infrastructures, this was quite evident in successfully battling the COVID-19 outbreak without reporting major casualties and health crises situation. International protocols and standard procedures in critical care units to prevent covid outbreaks.

4.Immigration Friendly and Less Travel Time 

Vietnam offers a post-study work permit for students wishing to continue to live and work there. If interested, there is scope to apply for permanent residence here. Vietnam has a visa on arrival policy, so students and parents need not worry about the hassles required for the visa process. This also helps parents to travel immediately in case of emergency without any tension about the processing of visas. The flight journey takes around 4 hours only to travel from India, hence it saves a lot of your travel time if you’re planning to consider other options to study abroad.

5.Feels like a second home

Vietnam has favorable climatic conditions suitable for most Indians (250 C to 35C), so people who are sensitive to sudden fluctuations in temperature may enjoy the favorable conditions here, back home.  Even there is no chance of being homesick as Indian food is easily available throughout Vietnam. You will rarely miss the Indian culture and festivities as more than 10,000 Indian families reside in Hochin city of Vietnam.

Now that you’re convinced about all the reasons to consider Vietnam as the ladder to your medical career. Wondering how to move ahead? HongBang International University (HIU) has collaborated with Aieraa Overseas Studies as their Indian Associate for guiding medical aspirants from India. For more information about the documentation and admission process, log onto www.aeiraa.com

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