Aieraa Overseas Studies signed a contract with Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy

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To strengthen Indo-Vietnamese relations in the field of medical education, Aieraa Overseas Studies has signed a contract with Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (CTUMP) in Vietnam. Joining hands with one of the top government medical universities of Vietnam, CTUMP, is an honour and privilege for Aieraa Overseas Studies and it opens numerous opportunities for our fellow Indian medical aspirants.

With this contract, our students will get access to MBBS admissions at CTUMP and also, all their basic needs such as accommodation, food and transportation while living in Vietnam would be taken care of by Aieraa Hospitality.

Aieraa Hospitality is a venture of Aieraa Overseas Studies to help our Indian students meet their daily needs easily in Vietnam. It makes arrangements for the basic necessities of students such as food, accommodation as well as transportation to allow them a comfortable stay in Vietnam. Though Vietnam is a comfortable place to live in with warm and friendly locals, staying in a foreign land away from home may make a student apprehensive especially when one is not familiar with the local Vietnamese language. Thus, Aieraa Hospitality provides complete assistance to the students from India to settle comfortably in a new country.

The contract signing with Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy reinforces our mission to work for the welfare of Indian students and help all aspiring candidates realise their dreams of pursuing MBBS in Vietnam. Aieraa Overseas Studies , as envisioned by its directors Ms Deepa Ranganathan and Mr. Avinash Kumar, to provide medical education to all desirous students has achieved this milestone association with CTUMP due to sheer hard work and dedication. The directors, Ms Deepa and Mr. Avinash, have led the team from the front to face any challenges one may encounter and strived to find appropriate solutions for them. Their insights into the complexities and fundamentals of international associations with different colleges have been a guiding light and a source of inspiration for many.

Ms Deepa and Mr. Avinash have made Aieraa Overseas Studies the only Indian organisation authorised for MBBS admissions in Vietnam and it is no small feat. With such stiff competition all around, to achieve something as big as this and to be associated with top medical colleges of Vietnam is highly commendable.

Moreover, Aieraa Hospitality is another feather in their caps and indicates that persistent hard work and focussed determination definitely brings success. Aieraa Overseas Studies promises to deliver and continues to live up to everyone’s expectations.

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