Hong Bang International University is the ideal MBBS destination abroad for Indians

Hong Bang International University for mbbs

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Are you looking for a top-class University for MBBS Abroad at an affordable range? Then Hong Bang International University, Vietnam, is the right choice for Indian Students that gives access to quality education with immense practical exposure while studying.

Hong Bang International University was started in 1997, producing more than 80,000 Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists,  Nurses, and other Medical Technicians globally. Currently, the University is offering more than 68 disciplines and more than 60% of students are from the healthcare sector.

The Health Sector has courses specially curated for General Medicine, Nursing, Oral Health, Odonto-Stomatology, Medical Testing Engineering, Rehabilitation Engineering, Pharmacology, Neonatology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Traditional Medicine, Child Care, Medical Imaging Engineering and Occupational Therapy.

So, let us look at the reasons, why Hong Bang International University is preferred by most Indian Medical Aspirants:

1.Quality Education:  The University curriculum is as per US Standards; 3 Major US Educational organizations have given accreditation.  The Ministry of Education and Training, Government of Vietnam has put Hong Bang International University on the recommended list for providing high-quality education with modern infrastructure facilities.

2.Syllabus favors Indian Students:  Students who are hesitant to consider MBBS Abroad fearing that it might be hard to crack FMGE Clearance need not worry. Hong Bang International University makes sure the 6-year course incorporates the Indian Syllabus right from the beginning. Hence, this won’t be a roadblock for your FMGE Exam. From 2nd year of MBBS, there is scope for clinical and more patient interaction. There are more simulation and cadaver labs for practice.

3.Majors Exposure: During the initial year of studies, students are given detailed and practical training in subjects such as General Medicine, Public Health, Internal Medicine, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, and much more. This helps students decide and plan their area of specialization early on.

4.Flexible Fee  Payments: There is a semester-wise flexible payment option for students. Even scholarships are granted for students based on their merit rankings. This helps them avail some relaxation on their fees. Education Loan Facility can be easily availed from Indian Banks.

5.Travel, Food, and Lifestyle Easy: There are separate hostel accommodations for both men and women, in-campus and off-campus. Availability of various Indian food courts doesn’t make you miss the Indian cuisine. As more than 10,000 Indian families are residing in Ho Chi Minh City (HIU is located), Indian students won’t miss the culture and festivities of India. Indian parents have the advantage of traveling immediately in case of emergency; visa on arrival and most importantly less travel time of only 4 hours from India. Indigo Airlines grants special discounts for HIU Indian students on showing their student ID cards.

6.Extra-Curricular Activities: There are various Clubs, Gyms, Student-Union Groups that not only keep you engaged but help in transforming your personality for the better. Various recreational clubs such as Badminton, Football, Dance, Acoustics, Filmmaking, Photography, BasketBall, Taekwondo, English Speaking, Fashion, and Fundraising events are present for your overall development.

7.Internship, Part-time, Post-Work Opportunities: Hong Bang International University has a World- Class, Multi-Specialty hospital with a 1000 bed facility within the campus and even has internship options at Thong Nhat Hospital, Tu Du Hospital, April 30 Hospital, Children’s Hospital City associated with HIU. Even during studies, Students can work part-time. Vietnam is the only country that gives 20 hrs./week to work part-time on campus. Students who wish to stay back in Vietnam post studies can work and earn around 1 to 2 Lakhs per month. They are even eligible to apply for Permanent Residence(PR) in Vietnam. HIU has partnered programs with countries such as the UK, US, Korea, and Japan for students who want to expand their research arena.

These are some of the important highlights of Hong Bang International University which helps Indian Medical Aspirants who are dreaming of studying MBBS Abroad within a budget and most importantly without compromising on the quality.

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